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Camstent is a privately funded Cambridge UK- based company, and through its' unique anti-microbial polymer coating technology is able to dramatically reduce biofilms on consumable silicon-based medical devices. 

Camstent is addressing a global hospital acquired infection (HAI) epidemic which severely affects patients and hospital economics. HAIs are estimated to cost global healthcare systems up to $10Bn per annum and a large proportion of these are due to urinary tract infections (UTI's).

Reducing biofilms ensures reduction in infection-related issues which cause discomfort to patients, longer hospitalisation, increased usage of anti biotics and higher costs.

Camstent’s first proof of concept device is a coated Foley Catheter which is in clinical studies in the UK. Earlier studies in a cohort of 95 patients have shown between 61%-98% reduction in biofilms on the Camstent-coated catheter.

Camstent is supplying to National Health Service (NHS) hospitals within the UK:

NHS Supply Chain

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