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camstent technology

The Camstent bacteria-phobic coating technology offers unique clinical advantages:

  • Demonstrably superior resistance to biofilm development versus currently marketed solutions

  • Inert coating material, with documented compliance with laboratory biocompatibility standards for avoiding toxicity, irritation, and sensitisation. 

  • Durable coating that remains attached to the catheter surface, inside the lumen and across the surface, throughout normal use

  • Smooth, thin surface coating aiming to minimise discomfort for the patient

  • Indications for use, handling, and training are unchanged from use of uncoated catheters.

  • Non-pharmacologic and does not kill bacteria, avoiding the emergence of resistant organisms.

our USPs


Unmet need: many patient groups and devices will benefit from Camstent’s single platform innovation 
Unique proven technology: ‘non-stick’ coating material, with growing body of clinical evidence for preventing build up of infectious organisms, lowering costs and improving patient outcomes.  Low friction surface enhances patient comfort and minimises adhesions
Low product risk: approved for sale in EU and manufacturing approval complete. Strong clinical and business partnership interest as commercialisation gets underway
Strong IP position: strong patent protection, exclusive technology license, proprietary process knowhow 
New product opportunities: entering new fields of medicine de-risks current offering. Targeting new products that are high value, high margin and high performance
Clear development path: leveraging materials and processes will enable company to meet opportunities for customer sales, new product lines, and global partnerships
entering new fields of medicine de-risks current offering. 

our Standards


Camstent works to the highest quality standards. For more information, click here



the problem

Catheter-acquired urinary tract infections (CAUTI) are the biggest cause of Hospital Aquired Infections. Solutions that can help prevent or reduce catheter-related infections will lead to significant improvements in clinical outcomes and substantial cost savings to healthcare providers.

the challenge

Catheters with effective antibacterial coatings can reduce or retard the formation of the bacterial biofilm that leads to CAUTIs. Coated catheters on the market, which mainly rely on silver hydrogel or antibiotics, have proven to be largely ineffective at preventing the growth of bacterial biofilm and, therefore, reducing CAUTIs. Multiple clinical trials report little to no efficacy for existing products.

the solution 

Camstent has developed a novel, IP-protected polymer coating for catheters that inhibits the formation of bacterial biofilms which cause CAUTIs. The product can be applied to silicone/silastic surfaces. The polymer coating resists the attachment of organisms that form toxic colonies, and reduces the presence of bacterial toxins, thus preventing patients from developing infections.

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