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The Camstent Non-Stick coatings aim to reduce infections caused by medical devices used clinically, typical beneficial for all silicon-based catheters. Camstent works closely with Nottingham University in the UK to develop these advanced coatings to prevent biofilm formation on a wide range of indwelling medical devices.

Camstent's novel bacteriaphobic polymer coating technology can be applied to a range of silicon-based catheters. Patent-protected coatings are applied to indwelling consumable medical products, such as catheters, tubes, and stents, which greatly reduce the bioburden that can accumulate thereby helping to prevent hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). The Company does not invent novel medical devices, but enhances consumables developed and approved by third party device manufacturers.  

Camstent's catheter coatings are clinically proven and highly differentiated from other anti-microbial coatings.


Foley Catheters


Endotracheal Tubes


Suprapubic Catheters

Surgical Drainage.webp

Surgical Drainage


Chest Drains

Chest drain.jpeg


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