The Camstent Non-Stick coatings aim to reduce infections caused by medical devices used clinically, typical beneficial for all silicon-based catheters. Camstent works closely with Nottingham University in the UK to develop these advanced coatings to prevent biofilm formation on a wide range of indwelling medical devices.

Scanning electron microscope image of biofilm accumulation on standard Foley catheter after 42 days indwelling;.

Scanning EM image of negligible biofilm accumulation on Camstent-coated Foley catheter after 46 days indwelling;.

Camstent's novel bacteriaphobic polymer coating technology can be applied to a range of silicon-based catheters. Patent-protected coatings are applied to indwelling consumable medical products, such as catheters, tubes, and stents, which greatly reduce the bioburden that can accumulate thereby helping to prevent hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). The Company does not invent novel medical devices, but enhances consumables developed and approved by third party device manufacturers.  

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